Horse and rider - 10" tall stoneware

Man and dog - 11" tall stoneware

Figure in frame - 10" tall

Noa with bird - 24" Raku

Femail figure - work in progress - 24"

Tall Dog - 20" Stoneware

Flower shop - 12" Stoneware 1978

Ian Gregory's studio

Ian's studio viewed from across the stream

Ian with Flat Pack kiln in garden

Ian setting up his Flat Pack Kiln

History & Exhibitions

Ian Gregory has been a senior lecturer at many of the Universities in the UK and was Head of the Art Department at Milton Abbey School. Ian has recently been visiting as Honouree Professor in South Korea and lectured in America in many states. He was elected a Fellow of the Crafts Potters Association (London) in 1977 and later served on the council, also he is a full member of the Dorset Craft Guild and West Country Potters Association. Ian's work can be seen in many galleries worldwide as well as National Collections, some examples of which are: The Victoria and Albert Museum (London UK), The Castle Museum (Nottingham UK), The Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge UK), The Keramik Museum (Holland) and other public and private collections in the USA and else where.


The Octogon - Demonstration & Sale (UK) - April
Bluecoat Gallery (UK) - May
Beer Gallery (UK) - All Summer
Rufford (UK) - June
Art in Action (UK) - July
Hatfield (Hatfiled, UK) - August
CPA Show (UK) - October


John Leach Gallery (Somerset, UK) - January
Demonstration - West Dean College (UK) - February
Demonstration - Surry University (UK) - February
Affordable Arts Show (London, UK) - March
Demonstration - Salt Glaze Symposium (Bondol, Southern France) - March
Demonstration - Art in Clay (Hatfiled, UK) - August
Demonstration - Northan Potters Group (UK) - August
Demonstration - Hood University (Maryland, USA) - November
Demonstration - Clay Art (New York, USA) - November


Exhibition & Demonstration, CAL CPA - Royal College of Art (London, UK) - March
Exhibition & Demonstration, West Dean College (UK) - March
One man show - In The Window Exhibition - Bluecoat Gallery (Liverpool, UK) - March
One man show - In The Window Exhibition - Craft Potters Assosiation (UK) - March
Where I fell in love Gallery (Shipton on Stour, UK) - May
Craft Potters Association (London, UK) - May
Rufford (UK) - June
Demonstration - Aberyswith Ceramic Festival (UK) - June
Group show - Candover Gallery (UK) - June
Demonstration (Hatfield. UK) - August
Tim Andrews Gallery (UK) - September
Demonstration - University of West Sussex (UK) - October
One man show - Where I fell in love Gallery (Shipton on Stour, UK) - October
Simon Hulbert Gallery (UK) - October
Demonstration - South Wales Potters (UK) - November


Salt Glaze Exhibition - Rufford Arts centre (Nottingham, UK) - March
Mixed Exhibition - Steam Gallery (Bere Regis, Dorset, UK) - March
CAL CPA - Royal College of Art (london, UK) - April
Invited exhibitor at Ceramic Art London - Royal College of Arts (England) - May
Alternative Kilns - Published by A&C Blacks - May
Mixed Exhibition - Where I fell in love Gallery (Shipton on Stour, UK) - May
Demonstrating kiln building - European festival of ceramics (Aberystwyth, Wales) - June
Demonstration - Rufford Ceramics Festival (UK) - June
Demonstration - Abbarystwith Festival (UK) - June
International ceramic festival (Aberystwyth Arts Centre, UK) - July
National Pottery and Ceramic Festival (Hatfield, UK) - August
Mixed Exhibition - Candover Gallery (UK) - September
Mixed Exhibition - Where I fell in love Gallery (Shipton on Stour, UK) - September
Animal Ceramics (Companion volume to Sculptural Ceramics) Published by A&C Blacks - September/October
Mixed Exhibition (Beethes Gallery. Ringwood, Hampshire, UK) - October
Sculptural Ceramics. Updated 3rd edition. A&C Blacks. - November
Mixed Exhibition - Blue Coat Gallery (Liverpool, UK) - November


Represented the British Arts Council at Antwerp Symposium (Belgium)
Visiting Lecturer (Munich, Germany)
Lecturing at West Dean University (England)
Ceramics in the City - Geoffrey Museum (London, England)
Earth and Fire (Rufford, England)
Clay Live (Hatfield, England)
Artist in residence. Sponsored by South West Arts Council for public instillation sculpture.


Senior lecturer - Lamardina (Tuscany, Italy)
Raw Flame Exhibition - Peter's Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)
Senior lecturer (Antwerp, Belgium)
Group show (Teiglan Museum, Holland) Pieces purchased for the national collection.


Ian had a full programme of exhibitions and demonstrations in Europe and the UK, as well as Summer Courses at the studio and researching new methods of using paper and flax clay to produce work and build kilns. Ian is now sponsored by Scarva Pottery Supplies, who are working to develop these new materials for the craft potter and are already producing ready prepared flax clay for studio use.

Earth and Fire - The Rufford Craft Centre (Nottingham, England)
Leeds City Art Gallery (Leeds, England)
The Rope Walk Gallery (York, England)
One man show - Peter's Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)
Senior lecturer - Lamardina (Tuscany, Italy)
Visiting lecturer at West Dean University (Sussex, England)
Raw Flame Exhibition - Peter's Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)


During 2001 Ian demonstrated his methods of kiln building and paperclay techniques and exhibited in the UK, USA, Germany, Belgium and Southern Ireland. He acted as the selector for The Craft Potters Association annual event at Rufford in Nottingham, UK and visited South Korea building kilns and demonstrating various firing methods on the subject of salt glaze as one of the first makers to develop this technique for use in the studio pottery world after its decline in the 19th century. Ian also worked as Artist in Residence at Tunbridge Arts Centre in Kent and started writing two new books commissioned by his publishers A&C Black ltd. The first is in the 'Ceramic Skill' series entitled 'Alternative Kilns' which will be a companion volume to follow on from his last 'Kiln Building', now out in full colour in its third edition. The second is entitled 'Nature in Clay' and will be in the same large format as 'Sculptural Ceramics' now in its second edition and due to be updated in 2002.

CPA Gallery
(London, England) - March
Atilier Gallery (Nottingham, England) - March
Scotish Gallery (Edinborough, Scotland) - March
Nannansy Productions (Guildford, Surrey, England) - March
The Bickly Art Centre (Devon, England) - June / July
The Nexus Gallery (Scotland) - June/September
Laburnum Gallery (Cumbria, England) - October
The Bake House Gallery (Sussex, England) - Septtember/December


Peters Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)
Tatum Arts Centre (Fredrick, USA)
Nexus Gallery (Edinborough, Scotland)
Gallery Rooart (Belgium)
Craft on the Bay (Wales)
Harliquin Gallery (London, England)
Merriscourt (Oxford, England)
Park Field Gallery (Forest of Dean, England)
White Gallery (Sussex, England)
Clay Live (New York State, USA)
Jacoba Wijk Gallery (Germany)
Atilier Gallery (Nottingham, England)
Ton Bridge Arts Centre (Kent, England)
Powder Mils Gallery (Devon, England)
Crawford Arts Centre (Scotland)
Hinckley Gallery (Washington DC, USA)
Rufford Crafts Museum (Nottingham, England)
CPA Gallery (London, England)
The Taunton Museum (Somerset, England) - June


1999 saw Ian visiting in the USA Both in May and November were he gave several lectures and demonstrations in Maryland, Virginia and New York.
During this year he was also one of the main demonstrators at the International Festival of Ceramics in Wales and exhibited and demonstrated in Malta as well as running courses on kiln building and sculptural techniques at his studio in Dorset.

Peters Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)
Bake House Gallery (Sussex, England)
Tatum Arts Centre (Fredrick, USA)
Nexus Gallery (Edinborough, Scotland)
Laburnum Gallery (Cumbria, England)
Baltimore University Arts Centre (USA)
White Gallery (Brighton, England)


In 1998 Ian was invited by the British Trade and Industry Department and Government of Israel to take part in an exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the independence of Israel.

Peters Barn Gallery (Sussex, England)
Bake House Gallery (Sussex, England)
Tatum Arts Centre (Fredrick, USA)


Black Swan Gallery (Somerset, England)
3D Gallery (Bristol, England)
Laburnham Gallery (Cumbria, England)
Best of British Crafts (Surrey, England)
Bake House Gallery (Surrey, England)
Tim Andrews Gallery (Devon, England)
European Festival (Aberystwyth, Wales)


Aberystwyth University (Aberystwyth, Wales)
University of Malta Group, Slovenia Arts Council (Lublicanca)
Lyn Strover Gallery (Cambridge, England)
Garden Gallery (Hampshire, England)


'(A) Loft', 'Space X Gallery'. Collaborative project with an installation artist, the project was by the Arts Council of England. (Exeter, England)
Beetles Gallery (Hampshire, England)
Earth and Fire (Rufford, England)
Dorset Arts Week (Dorset, England)
Cornish Guild Trellawarren (Cornwall, England)


Ian was a co-ordinator in 1992 for The European Festival of Ceramics, held for the first time in Dorset, where he also demonstrated one of his firing techniques and exhibited his work.

Public and Educational Demonstrations and Lectures

Scottish Potters Association (UK)
West Country Potters Association (UK)
Craft potters Association (UK)
Northern Potters Association (UK)
The Wirrel Potters Association (UK)
Clay Live. (Somerset, England)
European Festival of Ceramics (Dorset, England)
Earth and Fire (Rufford, England)
Art in Clay (Hatfield, England)
WPA Bickleigh (UK)
Uffculme Potter Group (UK)
Aberystwyth University (UK)
University of Matla International Potters Festival of Ceramics (Wales)
Taejon University (South Korea)
DTI Expo 50th Anniversary of Israel Hood College (USA)
Kent Potters Association (UK)
University of the Royal Forest of Dean (UK)
University of Westminster (Harrow Campus, England)
Hinkley Pottery Washington D.C. (USA)
Clay Live (New York State, USA)
Hood University (Maryland, USA)
Touson University (Baltimore, USA)
Brunnel University (UK)
West Country Potters Association (UK)
Artist in Residence Tone Bridge (Kent, England)
Peters Barn Millennium Show (Sussex, England)